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Do you struggle with Painful Sex? Are you experiencing Vaginal Dryness?

With age comes depletion of hormones. Bioidentical hormones have many roles in the body. Think about it, when your were "younger" in your late 20's and early thirties you probably felt great, looked great, your were full of energy, libido was great, you may have slept soundly, skin was plump and smooth, hair was full and shiny, mood was stable! You get the picture. The reason for this is your hormones were at their peak.

With age you may see some gradual changes, they sneak up on you and you may think (or even be told) "your aging, deal with it" this is natural. Well, yes it is the aging process, if you want to increase your quality of life you need to balance your hormones.

The aging process is depletion of bioidentical hormones. Balance your hormones balance your life.

You may not feel as energetic, maybe not be sleeping as well and that may cause you to be more irritable and moody. When your hormones are imbalanced you oftentimes gain weight, hot flashes, night sweats, agitation.

Maybe you are not as "ready to go" sexually as you once were. Is this because your not in the mood? Are you not feeling sexy? Maybe your experiencing vaginal dryness? Any of these examples will lead to decreased libido. You can easily fix this with balancing your hormones. If the vagina is dry it's painful to have sex. When sex is painful you dont want to have sex. It's that simple. Also easily rectified.

If you are deficient in Vitamins do you supplement with vitamins? Yes! If your Iron is low do you replace with supplements? Of course! So why would you not supplement your hormones so you can look and feel your best?

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