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After years of hormone therapy, I began having symptoms such as weight gain, sleeplessness, hot flashes, and foggy thinking. I knew something was off. Erin spent time listening to me, going through my current treatment, and reviewing my previous lab work and helped me understand why I was having new symptoms. She was prepared to go through all my results in detail, answering all my questions and getting to the root cause of my problems. I am relieved that I finally found someone to work with on my hormones and overall well-being. Erin has been a god-send. My husband is a physician and is often critical of other providers, he too is extremely impressed by Erin and her depth of knowledge.

-Tammie H. 

I was suffering from insomnia, lack of energy, vaginal dryness, and irritability. My daily life was in constant chaos. I am now full of energy, vaginally lubricated (which enhances my sex life) and less moody.

-Eileen B

At 51 years of age I was experiencing difficulty sleeping, very itchy, lack of energy, vaginal dryness and joint pain.  Frustrated and confused I consulted with Erin and things began to make sense. As soon as I started my BHRT I felt a difference immediately (I’m not joking.)  No more vaginal dryness, sleep great and more energetic.

 -Sandra S


Erin has been a tremendous support for me!  She discovered that I was on the wrong replacement therapy and guided me through months of getting my body to a happy place.  No more hot flashes and I’m sleeping THROUGH the night, sometimes for 9 hours!  I’m very thankful for Erin’s knowledge and expertise.

 -Nancy Wolfe-Smith

"Erin Blood is not only an expert pharmacist, she is gifted and trusted on so many levels as a healthcare provider.  Her compassion is unparalleled and she is always willing to take the time to consult and advise, no matter how small or trivial the question or issue.  I've depended on Erin's expertise and wise counsel for over seven years now and can't imagine making a major healthcare decision without seeking her input first." 

 - Kelley Beatty Babcock

I was exhausted all the time, sleep deprived and a bit depressed. I was desperate to find answers. Now I am more fit both physically and emotionally at 63 than ever before! My mental clarity and life have both improved dramatically! I’m extremely grateful.”

 -Ellen G

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