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Erin Blood, R.Ph.

Registered Pharmacist

Certified Hormone Specialist

Wise Transitions


Kings Health Mart Pharmacy


Husband, Daughter, Son & Puppy​

Working/Living in South Florida

I am a Registered Pharmacist practicing for over 25 years.  I am a partner in an independent pharmacy in Boynton Beach,  Fl.  

My career and passion for compounding and bioidentical hormones began ten years ago.  I started out working with a physician learning about hormones, providing consultations, evaluating saliva tests and making recommendations based on patient history, symptoms and lab results.


This is my passion.  

I continue my education while providing presentations and studying the ever-evolving hormone field.

My goal is to share my education,  experience, and share knowledge with Wise Transitions clients.


Have hormone questions? Send me an email.

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